What I Got My Daughter For Christmas This Year

Okay, I’m going to start out by saying something first… before we get into what I got my daughter for Christmas. Every family does Christmas a little differently, and that’s okay! You might get your child less or more than what we did, that’s okay. This is is just how WE are doing Christmas gifts.

** I will do a separate post about my daughter’s Christmas Eve box this year as well, so keep an eye out for that! **

Now let’s get into the gifts! My daughter is 4 years old and LOVES Christmas. She is always so grateful for what she gets… it really warms my heart. We try to get her gifts that she will use all year, or even years to come. Santa brings her one gift and it is unwrapped! The rest are from Mom & Dad. We set a budget and save for Christmas little by little all year. This way, we don’t have to stress or struggle during this time.

This is the first year we got her family games! Acorn soup is a counting game, and we chose this because my daughter loves to pretend to make soup in her play kitchen. Balancing barnyard is a game where you stack little barnyard animals on top of the barn and try your best to keep it from falling over! They were both highly rated on Amazon, and that is where we ordered them from.

The next gift is this Lottie doll! We ordered this directly from the company’s website. This year I made a decision to stop getting my daughter barbie dolls and switch over to lottie dolls instead. Lottie dolls are designed to look like the average body of a 9 year old child, and NOT like a disproportionate grown woman. They are a small business with great values & ethics. My daughter already has one and she absolutely loves it! They are just a tad bit smaller than barbie dolls so they still fit in her doll house meant for barbie sized dolls. My daughter is really into dress up, so I think she will adore this lottie doll playing “Queen of the castle.”

I have to admit, this next one was a bit of an impulse buy. That being said, I think it might even be her favorite gift this year. I ordered it from Walmart. It’s a tiny pet carrier with a tiny stuffed dog inside. The reason I think this may be her favorite is because she has a few little beanie baby animals that she loves to take around the house wherever she goes(even to the potty-yikes). Those beanie babies will fit perfectly in this little pet carrier, so she can carry them all over.

This is a doll that I crocheted! I like to crochet my daughter an animal or doll for every big holiday that involves gifts. I hope she will cherish them forever! This one is a rag doll style of doll. She doesn’t have one of these yet so I think it will be perfect for her handmade collection.

We also got her these books about consent! Also highly rated & available on Amazon!

This special edition care bear set is from Walmart, in store. My daughter has some full sized care bears that she adores. I see her gravitate more towards smaller stuffed animals to play with, so I figured these would be a big hit with her. She sleeps with her regular sized care bears every night for years now!

Look- I always said I wouldn’t get my child legos because I always saw the big messes my brothers would make with them. Have you ever stepped on a lego?!?! Isn’t that reason enough to never get them? Well this year I caved and got her these bigger, duplo legos. She loves stacking little blocks and making forts for her little figurines with them. So… it was time.

This baby alive doll is the last gift from Mommy & Daddy. This was the year I found out about baby alive dolls. Did you know they make ones that drink/eat and pee/poop? And you not only have to clean up that mess, but you have to buy diapers for them? Yeah.. that’s a no from me. I don’t think I’m the only one that has realized what a scam that is… you finally get your child out of diapers and then you have to buy more for her doll? No way am I doing that (LOL). This baby alive doll makes real baby sounds and is comforted by laying down or her pacifier. My daughter ADORES babies. A cute family moved in next door with a baby and my daughter loves her so much. She came over for a few hours one day and my daughter spent the day following her around taking care of her. It was the cutest thing. I think she will love taking care of this baby alive doll.

Last(but certainly not least expensive ha), this is the gift from Santa this year. I keep seeing Nugget brand play couches everywhere. While I think my daughter would absolutely love one, $400 is way out of our price range for one gift. If you purchased one for your child, fantastic! We knew if we bought her a nugget for Christmas, it would have eaten up all our budgeted Christmas gift money for her, and I really wanted her to have more than one gift. So, I spent some days researching “knock-off” brands of something similar. There are so many out there! But they are also pricey. I finally went with this one on Amazon, at the time I bought it, it was $170. It is similar to the Nugget couch but shaped differently, and made of an easier to clean material (which is a bonus for me). It was highly rated on Amazon, and came super fast in the mail!

Well, that concludes what we got my daughter for Christmas this year! I would love to hear about the treasures you are gifting the children in your life! Let me know in the comments below 😊

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