Our Christmas Traditions

Christmas has always been such a magical time for me. As a child, I remember how special my parents made Christmas for my siblings and I. Now that I am a mother, I look forward to the holiday season even more than I did as a child! I would love to hear about your family Christmas traditions in the comments!

The first tradition is on Christmas Eve! We eat breakfast for dinner. I always make my homemade cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting, and pair it with sausage, bacon or eggs. It’s no secret that breakfast for dinner is delicious… but it’s also EASY! I prep the cinnamon rolls the day before, and scrambling eggs and frying up some bacon comes together in a snap. My husband and I especially appreciate this easy dinner because we are so busy around the holiday season. My daughter thinks it is so cool to have a cinnamon roll for a meal!

This particular year I added her crochet gift into her basket!

Our next tradition is a Christmas Eve box! Every family does these differently but here is a guide I like to follow: something to read, something to do, something to eat, something to wear, something for bath. Last year it was a Christmas time Book, a Christmas activity book, playdoh, Christmas pajamas, a santa cup, a chocolate Santa, a stuffed elf, and a candy cane scented bath bomb. (This may seem excessive to some, but she gets this box instead of stocking stuffers.) We give her this box the afternoon of Christmas Eve and she spends the evening enjoying her Christmas activity book, as well as soaking in her Christmas bath! The treats give her something to enjoy on Christmas day.

I get these adorable tins at the thrift store! Goodwill always has them for $.50-$1.00 each.

The next tradition I’d like to tell you about is Christmas cookies!! We only started this tradition in 2020 when we couldn’t be around family during the holidays. My daughter and I get my vintage baking books out and pick out cookie recipes to make together. We bake them up in large batches and put them into festive packaging, like the tins in the photo above! Then we ship them out to family and friends, and also to my husbands co workers to help spread Christmas spirit.

This particular year we left cinnamon snowball cookies! There is Charlotte in her Christmas jammies from her Christmas Eve box.

The next is one I think most of us do! Leaving cookies and milk for Santa Claus. My daughter helps pick out what kind of cookie (I love her creative ideas!) and helps me make them. We invested in a ceramic plate and mug set just for Santa Claus. We also leave a carrot for his reindeer, because that is one LONG & selfless journey they take!

It was so easy to make this. I cut out squares of scrap fabric that measured 3in X 3in. I used two squares of fabric for each pocket to make them thick and sturdy. Then I sewed two pieces of fabric together for the backing and hemmed a space at the top for the wood. I sewed the pockets onto the larger fabric, then I used fabric paint for the numbers.

We do an advent calendar every December. This year I made one from some scrap fabric I had. I filled it with mini pop fidget toys, finger puppets, and some different Christmas candies. There are so many cool advent calendars out there!!

We have to put a baby gate up so our dog doesn’t destroy these before Christmas morning.

Last, but not least, Santa Tracks! My daughter absolutely LOVES this tradition. The excitement on her face is so magical! I simply take an old pair of shoes and set them up one pair of foot prints a time (like Santa is walking from our back door to our tree). Then I dust them with flour, and I’m sure powdered sugar would work too. I repeat this process until a full track of foot prints is complete. My daughter will come running into the living room and yell, “SANTA FOOT PRINTS! SANTA WAS HERE!”

I hope you enjoyed reading about my family’s Christmas Traditions!! Don’t forget to tell me about yours in the comment section below, I look forward to reading about them. Happy Holidays!

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